Golf Swing Tempo

Top Tips and Drills for Improving Your Golf Swing Tempo.

Are you trying to increase the speed of your golf swing? Excellent thought. After all, it is said that pace acts as the “glue” that binds a strong swing.

Since 2015, I’ve been a regular tester of golf clubs and equipment. I play golf frequently, have a 9.2 handicap (was 5.6), and am working towards a 2.

The greatest golf swing tempo drills and advice I could discover are explained in this short and concise post on tempo in the golf swing, along with any resources to assist you to do the task more quickly.

First, what is golf swing tempo?

You may measure it by the time it takes you to finish a golf stroke. beginning with your backswing and ending with your follow-through.

Fast tempos aren’t always terrible, nor are slow tempos always excellent.

Fast Tempo PGA Pros: Nick Price, Jon Rahm, Lanny Wadkins 

  • All major champs

Slow Tempo PGA Pros: Sam Snead, Ernie Els, Freddie Couples, Jason Dufner

  • All major champs

What swing tempo is often confused with Rhythm?

if the tempo is a gauge of speed, which it is. Sequence, or how your body moves during your swing, is rhythm. I consider it to be the swing’s “look.”

Ok, why is good golf swing tempo important?

Consistency: A solid swing is one of the keys to continue playing well at golf, and a good swing includes a steady speed. consistently

It is painful to mimic Freddie Couples’ pace on one stroke and Jon Rahm’s on the next. Either/or, or somewhere in the middle. But always follow through.

There is no universally agreed golf swing pace, however, the ratio of the backswing to the downswing is generally believed to be 3:1.

No matter what your pace, your backswing should last around three times as long as your downswing.

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How can I improve my golf swing tempo?

Training tools and drills. There are several both that can help you increase the pace of your swing. In any case, you’ll need to put in some effort. Have a heart; you can soon increase your tempo.

Golf Swing Tempo Drills 

These two drills or minor variations are well-known in golf teaching circles.

Drill #1 – Leapfrog Drill (Courtesy of Eric Cogorno)

  • Utilize your entire swing, but make a variety of shots.
  • To hit the shortest shots during this practice, you will need to severely drop your pace at first. Afterward, you should speed back up to your typical tempo—or a better version of it.

1- Grab your preferred iron (in every set I’ve ever had, it has been the 8-iron for me).

2- Take a complete swing while keeping in mind your full swing distance, and aim to hit the ball around 40% of your usual yardage.

  • I often hit my 8-iron 155 yards. My initial shot may travel 60 to 70 yards. When you first do this exercise, being accurate will be challenging.

3- Take a second swing at full strength, attempting to fly the ball around 20 yards past your previous swing.

4- Repeat step 4 until you have covered the entire distance.

You might need a few practice sessions before you master this workout. But it’s well worthwhile.

Drill #2 – Count Aloud as You Swing (Courtesy of Martin Hall & Ian Highfield)

This method of counting aloud while you swing makes you begin as soon as you get into the address position.

The benefit of this strategy is that it forces you to move on from attempting to become comfy in your current position. Your mind is pushed away from mechanics. The “execution” mode kicks in.

1- Once you enter the address and start your backswing, start with “one.”

2- Keep counting, being mindful not to speed or raise your voice or body tension.

3- Count to the beginning of your follow-through.

Repeat this process a few times until you discover the value that feels the greatest and yields the best outcomes. Most likely, you’ll grow up to be between 5 and 7.

Golf Swing Tempo Training Aids

A few excellent training tools designed specifically to help you develop proper tempo are available. The Orange Whip is the most well-known and evidently most used tempo training tool. I frequently see it in pro golfers’ bags on television and at the golf course.

I have a few of my own. My recent purchase is the SKLZ Gold Flex. And the driver, wedge, and Lag Shot 7-iron. which I acquired around a year ago.

The Orange Whip and SKLZ Gold are, in my opinion, essentially equivalent. Although the Orange Whip is more costly, it includes extensive training.

I have a problem with both.

1) They are both around 48′′ long, thus I can’t swing on my correct plane.

2) I can’t use them to hit balls. This is problematic because I’m unsure if my lovely speed has me squaring the clubface and swinging in the right direction.

Both of those issues are resolved with the Lag Shot wedge, driver, and iron. In addition to improving my core swing without a lot of head garbage, I get immediate feedback (swing thoughts). An additional 10-part video training course is included with Lag Shot.

I appreciate you taking the time to look at my golf swing tempo guide. Please let me know how the drills go for you.

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